Poison proof your home and workplace

Poison of any type can pose risks for your family members and even for the people who work in your company. This is why there is a need to make sure that your home is poison proof. Take a few steps to ensure the safety of your home and workplace.

Check that all the chemical poisons in your home and workplace are placed in appropriate containers. If you place the chemicals in their original containers, the users will be able to recognize them. If you do not keep them in original containers, make sure their boxes are labeled properly. Chemicals in your home need to be kept away from the children and grandparents in your home.

Use the food chemical according to the instructions given on the containers. Place them in the indicated places and use all the precautions while utilizing these chemicals. Wear gloves or a mask as a precaution if the chemicals are going to harm you.

The non-prescription medicines also need to be stored as carefully as the prescription ones. Your children may mistake them for candy and consume them. Also, if the elderly people in your home suffer from memory loss, keep the medicines away from them to avoid over dosage.

Keep all the medicines in a cabinet and keep it locked so that the children do not have access to it. When someone visits your home, keep their purses and bags out of the reach of your children. Keep the cabinets locked.

It is known that most of the chemical poisoning accidents occur when the product is being used. If you are making use of a food additive and you need to answer a call or open the door, take your child with you. While in the workplace, take all precautions to do the work. When you leave a place after doing your work, keep the chemicals in place.

While in home, replace the food preservation chemicals to their original place.

If you have a garden or backyard, you need to have ample knowledge about the plants that can be poisonous. If you have any deadly plants in your home, make sure that you keep them away from pets and educate your children on how to distinguish poisonous plants.

It is important for you to teach your children about different poisonous substances and food standards. Also make them learn the fact that they can call up the emergency numbers in the unlikely scenario of an accident.

Learn the simple facts about chemical mixings and interactions. Some chemicals may not be harmful alone but when mixed with others, they may react furiously. Some of them can even turn explosive and give rise to fumes that may be dangerous to your health.

When some aerial application of insecticides is being done, keep yourself and your children away from it.

These small steps can prove to be beneficial in poison proofing your home and protecting the children and elderly in your home from chemical poisoning.

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