Treatment for Chemical poisoning due to plant toxins

Chemical poisoning is generally caused due to eating a poisonous animal or plant. The poisoning can be a result of poisonous mushroom plants or some contaminated diet. Common symptoms include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea along with paralysis and seizures. Chemical poisoning is diagnosed on the basis of symptoms and by examination of ingested substances. One can reduce the risk of poisoning by avoiding contaminated fish and unfamiliar plants and mushrooms.

Shrub and plant poisoning

A lot of commonly grown plants are poisonous. Potentially fatal and highly toxic plants include poison hemlock, castor beans, water hemlock, jequirity beans, foxglove and oleander. These plant poisoning can be cured with the help of specific antidotes.

Ricin, concentrated poison, is present in castor beans. It was used for assassination attempts in the past. The tough shell of castor seeds should be chewed for releasing the poison. One can die after swallowing Jequirity beans and for children one bean is enough for causing death. Food poisoning from these beans can cause diarrhea and vomiting. If the problem is detected at early stages, doctors make an effort to flush beans out from intestines and stomach before food chemicals get absorbed by the body.

Hemlock poisoning shows symptoms in 15 minutes of consumption. It can cause rapid heart beats, dry mouth, sweating, seizures, muscle weakness and tremors. The water hemlock results in delirium, diarrhea, coma and vomiting.

Treatment of plant poisoning

One of the ways to treat such poisoning is through detoxification. Intake of this shrub can cause chemical poisoning. These toxins should immediately come out to minimize the damage to a person. The process of detoxification starts with removal of the shrub from his mouth including bark, leaves and juice extracts. The patient should be made to vomit by putting a finger on the throat or by some medicine. Try to make the person throw up only when he is in a conscious state, else it can lead to choking him up.

It is better to take the plant that has caused poisoning to the hospital. The poison center can determine the type of plant responsible for poisoning and treat the patient accordingly. Cause and the alternative causes of poisoning caused to the person are identified easily by doing so.

Diarrhea and nausea are the most common symptoms caused by plant poisoning. Drink as much water as you can. Make sure that water is replenished in the body so that victim does not feel dehydrated. After vomiting ceases, victim should consume loads of water. The victim should have small sips than big swallows. Incase the person is finding it difficult to have water, ice cubes should be kept in his mouth.

Food standards should be checked carefully to avoid any kind of poisonous toxins.

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