Treatment for acute mushroom poisoning

Mushroom food poisoning

Chemical food poisoning is one of the types of food poisoning that is caused by eating animals or plants containing toxins. Some of the food products that can cause chemical food poisoning include mushrooms, sea food and various plants and shrubs. The poison generally takes place after the consumption of poisonous species of plants, mushrooms or contaminated shellfish or fish.

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning

During mushroom food poisoning, abdominal pain and vomiting are two of the most common symptom that can be seen amongst the sufferers. Other symptoms vary on the mushroom type because of which the infection has been caused. In most of the cases, the variety of mushrooms that cause early appearance of symptoms after indigestion are found to be less dangerous as compared to the infections caused by the other mushrooms that show their results later that is generally after five to six hours.

Gastrointestinal symptoms are caused by the mushrooms growing in the lawns cause diarrhoea and vomiting with the symptoms vanishing within twenty four hours. There are some mushrooms that cause damage to brain and hear of the person having infection. The symptoms of the infection caused by these mushrooms begin to show after fifteen to twenty minutes after ingestion and include various symptoms such as hallucinations, enhanced imagination along with euphoria.

There is a wide variety of mushrooms causing harm to the people after ingesting. Though there are some of them that cause infection immediately after ingestion, others tend to show the symptoms after few hours.

Species of mushroom causing chemical poisoning

There are many species of mushrooms that contain poison and are harmful for the personís health. The poisoning potential may vary amongst the numerous species available. It may also vary amongst the same species, depending upon the time period of growing and also with cooking.

Inocybe and clitocybe are two of the species of mushrooms that have a dangerous substance muscarine that is poisonous and injurious to peopleís health. The symptoms are generally shown within a few minutes to two hours after ingestion that may show various symptoms such as cramps in stomach, vomiting, salvation and tearing.

There are some of the varieties of mushrooms that result in gastrointestinal symptoms. The Amanita Phalloides is one of the mushrooms that are responsible for causing 95% of deaths causing because of mushroom food poisoning. By these mushrooms, vomiting and diarrhea are the first symptoms that are shown in the infected personís body. These symptoms usually begin within six to twenty four hours after ingestion.

In some of the cases, the blood sugar level may also drop dangerously low and the symptoms may last for few days where in some people can also face kidney and liver failure. People with this type of poisoning usually die within a time duration of five to eight days.

Recovery period

Unlike the people having severe symptoms, most of the mushroom food poisoning cases get recovered within 24 hours. But without treatment the person might also have to face death as the poisoning level can increase.

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