Treatment for acute chemical poisoning

For acute chemical poisoning, parents or patient of the affected person must call or consult the local physician as early as possible. The treatment of chemical poisoning depends upon the method through which the chemical was absorbed.

Ipecac syrup for treating acute chemical poisoning

As per the specific kind of ingested poison, ipecac syrup, gastric lavage or activated charcoal can be utilized to cure the illness. For majority of the cases of the chemical poisoning, the patient and doctor rely over ipecac syrup. Syrup of ipecac is considered as the best drug for treating poisoning and generally is most effectual. Ipecac syrup can also be utilized for majority of the ingested poisons. The syrup must not be used when the suspected toxic is a corrosive or strychnine substance (lye or strong acids) or specific prescription drugs like sustained release or antidepressants. As well, it must not be consumed in the patients who are seizing or unconscious.

Charcoal for treating acute chemical poisoning

Activated charcoal also is an effectual treatment for acute ingested chemical poisoning. The best part about it is that it absorbs the poison in a very less span. Along with this, it is non-toxic, might be amassed for a long duration and conveniently can be administered at house. The charcoal works through binding with the toxic or the irritating substances in intestines or stomach. This averts the chemical or toxic drug from spreading all through the body. The chemical or toxic drug as well as the activated charcoal will be emitted in stools devoid of harming the patientís body.

When both charcoal and ipecac syrup are recommended for treating acute chemical poisoning then ipecac must be given before charcoal. Activated charcoal must be given at an interval of about thirty minutes after ipecac syrup or until and unless vomiting from the syrup stops. Charcoal is generally mixed with the liquid prior to being consumed or else. Charcoal is accessible as 30 g liquid bottles. Also, it is available in 15 g container sizes as well as charcoalís slurry blended in water or in form of container in which soda pop pr water is included.

Gastric lavage for training acute chemical poisoning

In addition, Gastric lavage might be used for treating acute chemical poisoning. This process id carried out by the medical experts in the emergency rooms. The saline water or the lavage fluids is given by a huge tube in the throats of the patient and contents of the stomach are pumped out. The process is repeated again and again, until the time the medical professional is sure that majority of the toxic substance has been extracted. After that a certain antidote for the activated charcoal or chemical can be given for absorbing the rest.

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