Avoid chemical poisoning- 4 top ways

Chemical poisoning is obviously a very prevalent health hazard we are exposed to on a daily basis. There are a number of ways by which you can assess the onset of and control chemical poisoning. Four effective ways are listed below.

Know your environment- there can be many reasons for chemical poisoning. Poisons can be swallowed, inhaled or they can even come in contact with the skin. Most of the chemical poisoning cases occur accidentally and take place either in homes or workplaces where use of these chemicals is common place. You need to know your environment and the potential hazards that surround you. You also will have to take a look at the preventive measures that are available to you. If your job involves contact with chemicals, you must know the symptoms of food chemical poisoning so that you will be able to assess the situation quickly and contact a physician when the need arises. Even when someone around you manifests these symptoms, you should not hesitate to call the doctor immediately. Keep all the chemicals out of the reach of children by keeping them in containers. Place them in locked cabinets.

Read the safety labels of the chemicals- Using chemicals is not easy and you should clearly label all the dangerous chemicals as other people too would be using them. The chemical bottles have the instructions to provide information on what to do when a person inhales the chemical or if his skin gets in contact with it. You can also label the chemicals as poisonous if the warning will not be okay. Never transfer the contents of the chemical bottle into some other as it may lead to some kind of confusion. You too should take care of the warnings that have been placed on the containers in order to make sure that you do not get harmed. Do not handle poisonous substances unless it is your job to do so. If you have to do it, make sure you read the safety instructions and follow them as well.

First aid should be the priority- if you make use of food additives or chemicals at home or in your office, make sure you have a first aid kit in place. This is because when you get exposed to chemicals, the damage delivered is so quick that you would need medical attention immediately. Till the time you reach the doctor, you should take care of the burn yourself. Burning chemicals may need some kind of solvent or chemical shower immediately. You should also have medicines to prevent any damages inflicted by chemicals that are swallowed. Keep antidotes such as charcoal with you in order to treat yourself or the victim immediately.

Know the long term health hazards- there are some chemicals that do not show the symptoms in a day or two or even months. It is possible that you think of the symptoms to be due to something else. You have to b aware of the symptoms and causes so that you do not have to suffer later on.

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